mine AC has stop working today and I"m do the efforts to trace where the leak is located. I bought a dye in ~ autozone and the instruction claimed that I need to attach the dye can and also the connector come the low port and also the rechargeable can (Freon) to the high port. So much no luck of recognize the location. Can you please aid me find where I have the right to locate those two ports so i can figure out my next step. Thanks you soo. Much for her help.

The charge port is under the passengers next fender well which will must be removed prior to charging can occur. This video clip can aid with diagrams listed below to display you the location.

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https://youtu.be/ON2dYcmXIAwThis guide as wellhttps://youtu.be/uZrQCGwXfekCheck the end the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything rather to gain the difficulty fixed.


say thanks to you for your help, but unfortunately ns did every little thing the guide said step by step. I usage a vacuum and also put a dye utilizing the short port. There room no signs of leaks making use of my UV light. Couple of days earlier I recharge the AC through 2 12oz can be ~ of the Freon using the short port. It work-related for a while but today the air blow heat air and no feel of coldness or changing of the air as soon as I rotate on come AC. This leads me to try the dye this particular day to view if there is any leaks. Together I mentioned above, there is no indications of leaks utilizing my UV light. Please assist and thanks.

It's really sounding prefer a leakJust this overview out.https://www.mmsanotherstage2019.com/articles/air-conditioner-leak-detectionPlease run down this guide and report back.

expect you leak checked it and evacuated the system because if you did no leak examine it, it will certainly all go out fast and it will certainly not work again. That takes 1.12 lbs of R134.
numerous years ago the pulley on our AC compressor seized upand started making a damaging sound. Us assumed that it was just a negative AC compressor and never provided it again since we couldn"t purchased the compressor in ~ the time. Ns didn"t understand as much about auto repair then together I carry out now. This morning I determined to go earlier over the a/c system and found the it to be still complete of refrigerant, so my inquiry is will the AC device need to be evacuated and also recharged if it"s organized pressure and also hasn"t been offered for 3 years?
having sit that lengthy does no harm to one a/c device as long as there is not a leak. However if the clutch was negative it may have been the compressor that was the problem. If the compressor is still great and you pick to change the clutch, the charge needs to be evacuated due to the clutch is what the seal presses against it"s shaft. So girlfriend wil have ot check out what the problem actually is first. Besides there still may be pressure yet not enough to cool therefore you must throw some gauges ~ above it and also run it to watch what you have.
The friction product was toast, rubbing metal on metal. I"m just going to go ahead and evacuate, replace the compressor, accumulator/dryer and also the orifice tube. Many thanks for the help.
details on how to re-gas the airconditioning device for a Ford focus 2004 with the high push charging valve?
unless you have a pressurized charging station, your no going to charge it through the high next at all. You deserve to do it through the low side if you understand how.
execute you hear the compressor engages if therefore the difficulty is coming from the HVAC unit. If not might be the clutch, relay and also pressure switch
The low press port is under the wheel fine on the passenger side, towards the front, The high push is coming appropriate out the height of condenser on chauffeurs side, as soon as you open up the hood.
they are located under the passenger side wheel well. Open up the flap between the tire and engine. And also viola there they are.And Yes i know, Ford sucks.I have actually a 2002 focus and having every sorts that probs.
The charge port is under the passengers next fender fine which will should be removed prior to charging have the right to occur. This video clip can helphttps://youtu.be/ON2dYcmXIAwThis overview as wellhttps://youtu.be/uZrQCGwXfekPlease let us know if you require anything rather to acquire the trouble fixed.
First and also Foremost give thanks to You For her Help, yet Unfortunately I'm having A Bit problem Figuring the end Why mine Ac remain Cold just For Few...
Air conditioner not as cold together it can be? 8 times out of 10 when an waiting conditioner is weak or not functioning it is because of a low refrigerant charge in the system. An air ...
I placed A Dye right into The Ac System and Was maybe To map The Leak just Underneath The Vehicle. I"m Not sure The name Of The Tube but From What I...
I placed A Dye into The Ac System and also Was may be To map The Leak simply Underneath The Vehicle. I"m Not certain The surname Of The Tube however From What I...
While Driving all of A sudden My car Downshifts into Neutral Or Jerks really Hard, lights Flicker, Ac and Radio closeup of the door Off, and All The...

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At The same Time i Noticed The Idling Problem, ns Noticed the My Ac Was no Blowing as Cold as It used To. The Idle Will begin Normal For...