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I have actually searched everywhere and also I cannot find the ar where i recharge the ac. Deserve to someone please short article a picture? I review on some other sites, yet explaining doesnt assist I simply cant uncover it, have the right to anyone help? Thanks.

I"ll see around getting a pic tomorrow, but here"s the straightforward way.Take a really great flashlight.Look right down between the alternator pulley and the firewall.About, oh, 14 inches under from the alternator pulley-block (measuring from the burn scar on my eight to the fingertips), you"ll watch the short pressure rapid connector. Or if you"re lucky, you"ll check out the covering cap for it. You will certainly for sure see both the refrigerant lines to run from the passenger side framework rail to the firewall.It"s nearly straight under from the alternator outer edge.Hope this helps till someone can get a pic for you!RwP
335K miles on initial motor and also tranny (only motor work-related 2 x LIM replacement), Monroe SensaTrac struts prior and earlier (new in ~ approx. 300K miles), and Alero discs in back. LS fogs added with tradition wiring. HID high beams, HIR low and also halogen fogs. Raybestos agree Grade front rotors and Bendix D747 ceramic pads on front.Addendum: rest in peace. Surging tank blew, motor overheated, ns think she"s lived a long and also useful life.
About, oh, 14 inches down from the alternator pulley (measuring from the burn scar on my arms to the fingertips), you"ll watch the short pressure rapid connector. RwP
LOL, I uncovered mine today thanks to your answer. You to be a little bit off though. Judging from the burn note on my arm, I"d speak it"s closer come 16 customs down.

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