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I got the code that said that mine knock sensor to be not functioning properly and also i have actually heard the "knocking" for rather some time and would explain my to decrease in gas mileage. For this reason I desire it fixed. How much would certainly it expense for a shop to solve it? Or much better yet, how do I change it myself? need to understand as shortly as possible. Thanks for the help!I have actually a very first gen 2000 xterra.
ya search is your friend,,,relocate or resister... I have a resister, lets challenge it no worth the 1000 dollars a shop will certainly charge for addressing it on a 00 x
thatyellow - The punch sensor is located under the lower intake manifold on top of the engine block. Over there is no accessibility to it there is no removing the upper and lower input manifolds.Some human being have reported that a shop has wanted to fee $800+ to perform the work. Over there is a "resistor" mod that some human being do that fool the PCM into thinking the KS is working correctly.I have not had any type of instance wherein I believe the KS to have done anything to retard timing and also prevent knock. My personal experience claims if the engine is knocking the timing requirements to be manually changed with the distributor, or higher octane fuel is necessary.Where are you located?

The knock sensor won"t trip your organization engine light, and really doesn"t matter a totality lot if it"s bad unless you"re running required induction with a supercharger or turbo. I"m around halfway v replacing mine (waiting ~ above a gasket) on mine "03 S/C and it"s not a job for the weak-hearted.

Knock Sensor faultMy 2000 Xterra (4x4, 3.3L, Auto) started having a stuttering problem today and the check engine light came on (blinking at first). I"m acquiring a punch sensor failure and also of course it"s in a very bad place. My inquiry is deserve to I just include a brand-new sensor nearby or go it need to be in the same location. Ns was the town hall a youtube video clip ( wherein a guy moves his on his frontier and it looks choose the same engine. Can I get away v doing this?Also, indigenous what I"ve been reading the punch sensor on my non-supercharged x shouldn"t be bring about such a difficulty with the stuttering and unwillingness to advancement the spark during acceleration. Have to I be looking for an additional issue with my Xterra?
My 2000 Xterra (4x4, 3.3L, Auto) started having a stuttering trouble today and also the examine engine light come on (blinking at first). I"m obtaining a hit sensor failure and of course it"s in a really bad place. My concern is have the right to I just include a brand-new sensor surrounding or walk it have to be in the very same location. I was watching a youtube video clip ( whereby a man moves his top top his frontier and also it looks like the very same engine. Deserve to I obtain away v doing this?Also, indigenous what I"ve been reading the punch sensor on mine non-supercharged x shouldn"t be resulting in such a trouble with the stuttering and unwillingness to advance the spark throughout acceleration. Need to I it is in looking for one more issue through my Xterra?

thatyellowxterra, have actually you tried the an approach in the video clip link ns posted?I notified the sensor with Amazon ($11.00 + Shipping) at a an extensive discount yet have to wait till next week prior to I deserve to install it. Dealership desires $700.00 alone for the labor and the sensor is $190.00. The replacement exploit is $43-47.00 all over I"ve looked.
thatyellowxterra, have actually you do the efforts the an approach in the video clip link i posted?I notified the sensor v Amazon ($11.00 + Shipping) at a comprehensive discount however have to wait till next week prior to I have the right to install it. Dealership wants $700.00 alone for the labor and the sensor is $190.00. The replacement harness is $43-47.00 almost everywhere I"ve looked.
bwolf- No I have not tried that yet. Can you you re welcome let me know the outcome once you finish it? cause everywhere that hella expensive. Thanks
Did mine relocation through Maxima KS and also harness by pulling the harness tabs without any splicing....check this connect out...long yet informative....

Nissan stop the below harness
So much I have actually the new knock sensor sit on my desk. Yesterday I checked out pick increase the sub-harness indigenous the dealership and also they called me it was discontinued and that i would need to buy a finish injector harness with the sub-harness built in ($120.00). Needless to say ns left there is no a harness to carry out this fix. Anyone know where i can uncover a sub harness the fits mine KS?Update: I"ve to be on the phone call for hours now questioning wrecking yards if they have actually the cable and so far no luck. Been wait for a response from a merchant on ebay about a cable and also KS combo for an infiniti/maxima the is "supposedly" usable on one Xterra 3.3L however the compatibility graph on the sales web page says it"s only an excellent for a 2.4L.
here is a connect through that OEM KS? is the KS with free shipping.....offered the seller $29.99 and he take it my offer....just fyi

Looked all over for a corresponding harness for the brand-new KS i got yet no luck. Bought a equivalent KS and Harness native Amazon for roughly $32.00 through tax and shipping. We"ll see just how it goes next week when the components arrive.Harness: are a couple of other discussions top top KS relocation/replacement
The arrangement is climate to patch that item of harness in between the factory harness and the KS to basically extend the harness to relocate the KS?Just making certain I follow whereby youre walk here.
If you can get the old exploit connector off the original KS its not a bad plan. I might never obtain down and under over there to reach it there is no removing the LIM.
If you can get the old exploit connector off the initial KS its no a poor plan. I might never get down and also under there to with it without removing the LIM.
Okay, so today all the parts for the relocation came in. I additionally ordered a brand-new Distributor as result of a couple of things I review and about misfiring cylinders (Cyl. 2 was my worry via my ODB reader). I installed the Distributor ($94.00 on Amazon!!) first, clearing my codes and everything seems to be fine. An excellent idle, get"s up and boogies on surface ar streets and all the wierd sputtering seems to be gone. Hitting the freeway shortly to examine for greater rev issues. Ns will carry out the KS relocation this weekend... Probably.Update: hit the freeway and also I"m still having actually issues but I think it"s just the timeing that needs adjustment. Going to borrow a timing gun today and also make adjustments. If there is time i will add the KS.
I simply bought harness off ebay $9bucks
Problem that did no fit punch sensor belt of money. Likewise I noticed the black wire inside was reduced going no where? So just one wire would attach which is strange! anyone look at 99 manufacturing facility Maxima harness to watch if undoubtedly both wires go full length? execute no i think they execute 96 associate to two wires but truely just one makes connection if that makes sense.

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Just took my resistor out and when because that KS
I put meter ~ above ecu wires White one said about 4 to add volts, other grey had actually .2. I bought cheap maxima exploit chinese crap and also yellow wire saw left terminal on KS. Black color wire in harness was cut on end! So only yellow checked out KS one wire! i nipped off the end and used yellow and black. Yellow to White 4plus volts and grey .2 volts to black color wire which is now linked to best side prong.
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