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I have actually a inspect engine light the lights up mine 1999 Taurus (3.0 vulcan) and my OBDII code reader report the oxygen sensor is faulty. Financial institution 1, sensor 2 needs replacing. Wherein is it? I believe there room 4-- O2 sensors ~ above this car and also I see ideal one in ~ the front of the car, together you watch down into the engine compartment; this one is attached to the exhaust right after the manifold yet I"m not sure if this is the one come replace.
The 2nd sensor is situated after the catalytic converter. Over there is one before the converter, i m sorry is the one you saw. The other one is under the car.

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Bank 1 is the cylinder bank near the firewall, bank 2 is near the radiator. Sensor 1 is before the cat, sensor 2 is ~ the cat.underneath the car, look because that the exhaust down pipe from financial institution 1. You should see the catalytic converter before the area whereby the 2 downpipes Y right into one pipe. Over there is one cat on each under pipe. Financial institution 1 Sensor 2 will certainly be situated on the engine"s rear down pipe after the cat.
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