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What is the ideal gap to set the spark plugs at because that a 02 focus SVT? And likewise what space the ideal plugs come use?
Stick v the Motorcraft plugs. Can"t go wrong v OEM replacements. IIRC the gap is .050". Simply go come Ford and also pick up a set. They should be able to look up in your database the ideal gap for your plugs, and most plugs come pregapped from the factory. Make sure you have a gap feeler (and not one of those ramped coin styles, those points suck. Ideally girlfriend would have actually a steel plate feeler or angled steel tube feeler that would do the trick because that you.Welcome come the Jet, through the way!Where space you stationed? I"m on Ft. Lewis (TDY in ~ Ft. Eustis because that BNCOC).

Hey, both of you dudes... Thank you for your service!:thumbup:Oh yeah, I favor dbl plats, and also low resistance cores, yet OEM is good, too. If you have actually low resistance wires you deserve to over space slightly to get an ext spark.
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Hey, both of friend dudes... Say thanks to you for your service!:thumbup:Oh yeah, I prefer dbl plats, and also low resistance cores, however OEM is good, too. If you have low resistance wires you can over gap slightly come get more spark.
Yea ns haven"t heard anything bad around NGK V-Power so ns went v those..I gained a demon coil pack with 8.5 Live Wires however I still trying to discover a an excellent gap for the plugs. Alot the DSM guys have actually been informing to to walk ahead a gap at .040 - .045So i will provide it a shoot ..
Some say the you can open increase the space to .060-.065 with the Screamin" Demon and also LiveWires. IIRC focus Fanatics magazine (RIP) walk a test and also they opened up up the void to the .060 spec, and also had no difficulties, however a many of human being advise against going that large open.
M1 Tanker? Sweet! my cousin Johnny to be a Lt. With a platoon that M1"s the end of Twenty-Nine Palms with the USMC. Great stuff! Anyway, emphasis Fanatics magazine did open the plugs up on an SVT with Screamin" Demon coil and plugs, and also saw a gain of a few whp at upper rpm ranges. Quiet remember the graph in grey, mirroring stock/with the wide-open plugs/s.d.c.p. Side-by-side (or height to bottom?): IIRC it to be 2-3 whp; don"t recognize if that was SAE Net, or what temp/barometric it experiment at--remember, key affects output.--Scott
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Double Plats will always come pre-gapped. From what I"ve viewed at least. Stock for the Zetec is .052 ns believe.
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Some say that you have the right to open up the void to .060-.065 through the Screamin" Demon and also LiveWires. IIRC focus Fanatics newspaper (RIP) go a test and they opened up the gap to the .060 spec, and also had no difficulties, yet a lot of civilization advise versus going that broad open.

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Yeah, ns won"t perform it top top a svt motor. On my old zetec, I can get away with it using a MSD coil and also wires.But on my SVT through stock ignition, i gapped them in ~ .065 to shot to squeeze the end a little power, and also i"m crack the white part of 1 or 2 plugs every 1K miles.So ns only space them at .050 now.
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