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I have actually a 2002 chevy trailblazer lt and i to be trying to check out if anyone knows what shade is what for the radio exploit i want to straight wire mine aftermarket cd player in since the exploit is 100 dollars to buy. If anyone have the right to tell me which wire goes to where by shade or know of a good diagram i would appreciate it.:thx
I would also like to download a new unit however the radio likewise provides all the mechanism sounds like door charms and onstar connected stuff. The adapters do the device work through the car. I know they are expensive yet I"ve checked out them on amazon because that a many less. If you haven"t bought a unit however crutch ar will note it fifty percent off with a stereo purchase. But to answer your concern I cannot because I haven"t ripped the dash apart yet.
i have an 02 ltz v bose, if her is nething like mine, get the harnesses, its fine worth it, i had actually 2 tear apart half the plastic trim in the cargo area, pull out the stock amp, and also splice wires back there and in the dasho in bespeak to cable my head unit in, couldnt uncover the soft rotate on wire, n no an ext onstar(yay) or chimes, or steering wheel controls, go for the harnesses
I purchase the GM exploit from breakthrough Auto for favor $9 bucks. Friend will loosened your chimes, you need to power and also ground that yourself, but it"s precious the savings IMO.
I bought the GM harness from advance Auto for choose $9 bucks. You will loosened your chimes, you need to power and also ground it yourself, but it"s worth the savings IMO.
i ran mine on i believe it to be a yellow cable coming from the ignition move underneath the knee bolster, climate it worked with the key abd didnt remain on, i likewise never purchase the wiring harness, i hard wired mine, just take time to figure out i m sorry wires are speakers
Radio harness
My daughter has actually a 2002 Trailblazer that i purchased an aftermarket for together a graduation present. The doesn"t have on star or steering wheel controls. Ns would prefer to keep the chimes for everything. I beg your pardon harness execute I need?
Im having actually a comparable issue with my 02 envoy..i got mine to play music yet the volume demands to be all the method up ~ above the radio to hear just a little bit the music through just the 6x9 speakers..if anyone can tell me what rather i have the right to do..please help.

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My daughter has actually a 2002 Trailblazer that ns purchased an aftermarket for as a graduation present. It doesn"t have on star or steering wheel controls. Ns would like to keep the chimes because that everything. I m sorry harness perform I need?
If you would favor to keep all manufacturing facility chimes,dings,on star etc. Climate you need to buy the harness(around $100) which allows you to reuse the data bus systems.If you do not care about this stuff(like me,didn"t have actually on star anyway) then ns bought a $10 harness that is detailed for gm vehicles that the exact same year. The switch power for the manufacturing facility system comes through the data bus,so you need to run a switch power wire(I simply tapped right into the home window circuit with an "add a circuit" from the auto parts store.) if you have a factory amp then you will either need to bite the bullet and get the high-quality harness(possibly another, not sure) or do as someone currently mentioned and also spend a ton that time to bypass the factory amp.
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