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yeah, you need to remove the dash come do change it out. The component number is 10359031 you can punch the number in top top and also it will give you a price for it. They have it for about $45 or so. Autozone sells castle for around twice that.
OMG you have got to it is in kidding me my turn signals likewise cut off unexpectedly then occupational 5mins laterthey should do a RECALL just like they did as soon as they recalled the spark-plug fire problem , shit ns cant also get mine spark plugs looked at because every GM dealership in 50miles the me is out of parts.
Is this a usual issue? Where execute I get the part? do you have actually a part number? How hard is it to replace? perform I need to remove the dash? Is there a How-To?Thanks!
Yes this it seems ~ to be a usual issue (Do a google search and also see exactly how many civilization have this same issue) & Yes over there is a "how to" & the component is around 75$ (I just bought one yesterday from a GM dealership). Good luck
I understand this is one old short article but we space experiencing the same worry with our 04 Impala today. My mam just called me up and also said she noticed the the blinkers and not working. Either side.. I have constantly been a Chev fan however this auto has really carried out some other thoughts on more recent Chevy cars.. This thing has problem after problem.. And also most space not cheap to occupational on....
Just change the hazard switch an you"ll be set.. I don"t know why that guy paid $75 indigenous the stealership.. Just inspect ebay or amazon and also you"ll uncover a new one because that $45
Okay, i too have an "04 Impala (Base) and also my rotate Signals will avoid working really randomly together well. 99.9% that the time as soon as I rotate the car off briefly and earlier on they begin working fine again. I would assume instead of the danger Switch will rectify this together well, "cause it appears quite evident to it is in the very same issue, more or less...and the band-aid of transforming the automobile off/on isn"t very productive and an ext importantly not safe at all. Please advise/confirm. And also I would favor to send a "Hello" and also Happy brand-new Year"s to everyone as I to be a brand-new member.
Probably not, yet it will certainly usually acquire the signals functioning momentarily, much simpler than transforming the car off and earlier on. The a really easy component to replace, if you can swing the $45 or so for it.
I had actually this problem once , replaced risk switch module and also problem went away . Discovered it online for about 50 bucks . You need to remove dash faceplate very closely , yet is fairly straightforward . Ns can"t think how lot crap is in that switch .
Thanks for all the advantageous info everyone. I decided to simply order the danger Switch through Amazon because that $40. And also of course due to the fact that I ordered the move my turn signals haven"t acted increase once. Possibly I need to call her "Christine".
You perform not need to remove the dash! Why does anyone think so? Chevy Impala revolve Signal switch Replacement - a set on Flickr
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Replacing hazard Switch
I did mine in about 10 minutes.If girlfriend will carefully pop off the button with two tiny screwdrivers there is a tab on both sides of the exposed part of the switch,take again two tiny screwdrivers and also compress inward top top the locking tabs and you deserve to pull move and around 10 customs of wiring harness out v it plenty come unplug the wiring harness to the switch.Unplug then plugin the new switch slide back in and the tabs will lock.Install the knob on and also you are all set.Mine action the same means and ns didn"t establish it might be fixed in around 10 minutes. Even if you were to pull the dash you would certainly still wind increase doing the exact same thing to change the risk switch.
You certainly do NOT have to remove the dash. I pooped the old move out as directed through others and also it takes about 5-10 minutes total. Rotate signals working just fine now.
Never occurred to me to perform it that way, however popping the dash off only takes a pair minutes anyway.
Never developed to me to execute it the way, however popping the dash off only takes a couple minutes anyway.

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2001 Impala LS
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Wow I"ve had actually this prob for a few months assumed it to be the bcu(i wouldn"t deal with that im not putting any an ext $ in this car). I thought water acquired in there due to the fact that this problem emerged only once it was wet indigenous rain. My danger switch is broken off. I usage to fight the hazard switch to acquire the signals functioning that functioned most that the time. I"ll walk for this easy fix.
Just had a car in the shop hazards and also turn signals inop. Hazard switch resolved the hazard problem however turn signal indications stayed on all the time and also both flashed once actuating revolve signals. Uncovered corrosion in ground eyelet #101 best behind vehicle drivers side headlight. Crimped on new eyelet and also its fixed:clap:
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