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Im having troubles trying to figure out just how to check the transmission fluid that doesnt have actually a inspect stick. I have actually 2001 grand AM GT COUPE v6
Are you sure that there is no dip stick? commonly it is situated toward the ago of the engine,they deserve to be difficult to see. I have never heard of an automatically trans there is no a stick. If it is over there look because that a red manage or even a tiny black ring I"m not sure which is in the 01 model, the oil stick is normally yellow and the infectious diseases worldwide stick is typically red. Ns hope this helps, however there must be one over there I will certainly be really supprised if the is no there.Welcome come the Forum.
There space no dipsticks on the brand-new trannies. You have actually to obtain under the car. Remove a "level check" bolt. If liquid drips out, the level is fine, if no one drips out, you need to top that up. An extremely dumb collection up. Very smart method to raise revenue. Acquire a Chilton or haynes manual for the appropriate procedure. Sad, sad GM... Marc
Thanks Marc, that is a really BAD collection up. Ns don"t believe they did that, exactly how stupid is that? you can"t even examine the fluid level...something the the manufacturers have preached since the invent of the auto tranny. I simply wonder how plenty of how numerous tranny claims are going to it is in dis-allowed as result of low fluid levels. How can they walk from placing a dip rod on mine 96 GT with a manual tranny come not having a dip stick on an automanic, renders no sense, at ALL.Any way I give thanks to you for the info, now I know and also if the oppertunity come up I"ll recognize not come look because that a dip stick on the newer models.What"s next...a vision glass on the gas tank?
What"s next...a sight glass ~ above the gas tank? Haha that"s too funny! girlfriend never recognize though it could happen. The no dipstick set up is a substantial pain... Especially if you finish up with a leak, you have no clue just how much has gone out and also how much too add. The worst component the GT"s room so short to the ground girlfriend can"t keen under and check it v that valve thing... Cuz the vehicle has to it is in level....
They space setup that way because the brand-new transmissions room pressurized and a dipstick won"t let it pressurize.
That"s BS...no one deserve to tell me that the eggheads that style these cars with all of the computer controlled items and also such might not come up with a method for the fluid to it is in checked through out having actually to gain under the car. If the device is pressurized castle should have the ability to put a sensor top top the system that would certainly tell the driver the level that the liquid just through the amount of press from the lot of fluid. If the press is "X" with the appropriate amount of liquid them if the device is a pint low then the press would be changed and this might be a very accurate reading.Sorry come rant on the subject yet I still find it hard to beleive...No Dipstick exactly how insane is that?
Go buy a brand-new car my next-door neighbors sister obtained a saturn. She was having actually tranny trouble. Called the dealer and also they told her and I quote that is a stupid architecture no dipstick no sensor no real means with out going under the auto to check the fluid level. And also that it come out of among the employees mouths at the dealer.
so anyone know where specifically this inspect plug is, ns crawled under my daughters GA and also vouldn"t find anything.
Did anybody understand where this plug (to examine the infection level) is, and also what tool you have the right to remove the with?
check bolt is on the passanger next just below where the appropriate drive axle connects come the transmission and it is going to be on the side of the axle that is closer to the radiator.what you have to do: begin the engine and also let the idle for 3 min, throughout that time change into every gears and also pause in each equipment for 3 seconds. Traction e-brake, progressive the car and also secure it on jack stands, execute not rotate off the engine. Girlfriend will need to remove and also install the bolt while the engine is running or girlfriend will loose a the majority of atf. For this reason engine is idling, bolt is gotten rid of if you view oil coming the end that method that the oil was overfilled. When the oil stops to drip out that will certainly be the exactly level. Now, if friend don"t watch oil dripping and also is bellow the check hole placed some oil in, and if friend overfill that wait it spins it stop dripping then close the examine hole.
Speaking the these infection without dipsticks.Chrysler has actually transmissions with a dipstick without a dipstick having a cover speak Dealer only.A unique dipstick native Miller tool is needed with a scan device hooked up.Chrysler has actually it up to check the fluid level through the tempature of the fluid and also go by a chart.This distinct dipstick is around $72.00 for it from Miller tool.My mother"s 2006 Chrysler 300 is this way.

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It" not so bad.... Examine out the Tips and also Maintenance subject on this forum..... Http://www.mmsanotherstage2019.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=700903
It" not so bad.... Examine out the Tips and Maintenance subject on this forum..... Http://www.mmsanotherstage2019.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=700903no must check post #14 describes it also.
Jackstands arent realy proper for check the liquid level unless you placed the auto up ~ above 4 level jackstands. If the automobile isnt level much more fluid will certainly run out the needed, and also it"ll be a tiny low. No dipstick, just another stupid idea from automanufacters. :disappoin