All Grand Cherokee WJ series models (1999-2004) and the new WK series (2005-up) attribute a housing for installation of a cabin air filter. No models have ever come through the filter as conventional, it need to be purchased as a Mopar aftersector accessory and installed under the front cowl. The filter allows a flow of unminimal fresh air right into the passenger cabin.

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The cabin filter is a really worthwhile accessory. It gets rid of solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and also bacteria from the air. Driving a car through a clogged cabin air filter from dirt and debris substantially reduces the amount and high quality of ambient air that have the right to enter the internal and over time can result in musty odors in your auto and also lessened HVAC performance. Mopar Cabin Air Filters remove as much as 80% of pshort articles one micron or larger. For referral, the humale eye cannot detect particles under 20 to 25 microns.

The filter is conveniently mounted underneath the cowl cover on the passenger side, accessible from under the hood. Once installed, all outside air coming with the AC/Heater vents is filtered. For installation, the factory inlet cover is discarded and the filter housing and filter set up in its area.

To save cabin air top quality at its ideal, filters need to be reinserted mostly once a year or eexceptionally 15,000 miles. Filters deserve to be changed at 2 years/24,000 miles if mainly used in a cleaner environment (less driving on dusty roadways and also trails for example). Regularly changing cabin air filters additionally can minimize buildup of debris and bacteria on the evaporator core of your cars air conditioning and also ventilation device, maximizing the life of the mechanism. Cabin air filters soptimal most airborne pshort articles, and to some extent are capable of reducing mild odors.


ocation of cabin air filter (under hood, passenger side), shown without the filter cover set up.

WJ & WK Cabin air filter parts
Part name: “Cabin Air Kit”(1999-2009)Part number: 82208300(supersedes 82204691)List price: $65.45
Part name: “Replacement filter”(1999-2009)Part number: 5013595AB(supersedes 5013595AA)List price: $72.00

(Prices provided are for recommendation purposes only and also might differ by dealer. MSRP prices are existing as of September 2011. Parts are not accessible from this web site.)

Front and back check out of cabin filter kit

Cabin filter installation


Note: Installation can be done WITHOUT rerelocating the wiper arms:

1. Open hood.

2. Grasp the rubber cowl weatherstrip on the passenger side and pull it outside to rerelocate it to about halfway throughout the firewall.

3. Rerelocate the first 3 plastic fasteners that host the cowl grill cover in area. It is finest to obtain these “started” by gently lifting up on the cowl cover starting from the finish. This will pop them up sufficient so that you deserve to grab them by hand also and remove them (Caution: the thin optimal edges of the plastic nuts have the right to be very sharp).

4. The cowl cover have the right to now be lifted up enough to reach in and also remove the old plastic air inlet cover from the firewall. There are plastic tabs that hold the cover in area (see photo below). Pull out the thin side first which has actually the single clip. You then rock the cover earlier and also forth to complimentary up the facility “rosebud” fasteners. Or, per the manufacturing facility instructions you can reduced out the plastic tabs that hold the rosebuds in place. Remove the cover and also discard, it will not be remounted. If tright here is any type of dirt or debri inside the filter location this would certainly be a good time to clean it out.

5. Insert the brand-new plastic filter real estate right into the inlet opening and fasten it in place. Install the filter right into the housing, inserting it closely so that it does not bend as well much as it is somewhat of a tight fit.

6. Install the filter cover over the filter. I had to bend/squeeze the optimal plastic locking tabs together a tiny in order for it to continue to be in area more firmly.

7. Placed the plastic cowl fasteners back in location and make sure they are firmly seated. Re-install the rubber weathersexpedition seal and also you’re done!


Factory air inlet cover, front and ago views. This item is rerelocated and eliminated once installing the cabin air filter. The 2 “rosebuds” presented are the plastic fasteners that assist secure the grill cover to the firewall.


Tright here are 3 plastic clips that hold the sides of the original factory inlet cover in area, 2 on the wide end (shown above) and one on the narrow end.

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Vehicle air top quality study

A examine carried out by California’s South Coastal Air Quality Management District found that air inside a auto may have as much as 10 times the pollutants of exterior air. Small pwrite-ups of these pollutants, which incorporate exhaust fumes, road dust, plant pollen and also mold spores, enter a cars inner by method of the vehicles heating, air conditioning and also ventilation (HVAC) mechanism. Once inside, they become component of the air you breathe. With a cabin air filter, 90% of these contaminants can be prevented from entering your cars internal.