Don"t put off replacing her water pump once it"s time. Replacing a water pump is not basic task, yet it have the right to be done on your own.

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This article applies to the evade Ram 2nd Generation (1994-2001).

The water pump in her truck is just one of the most important contents of her vehicle. When the water pump go out, over there is no means around replacing it. If you shot to drive without a functioning water pump, friend won"t get really far. The engine will certainly overheat and you"ll be looking at one substantial repair, if the is even feasible to be repaired at this point. Several of the telltale indications of a water pump going poor is what start out as a pass out whine, which increasingly gets louder. The is basic to mistake the origination that the noise, so a stethoscope is a an excellent tool to help figure the out. There have to be very tiny to no play at all as soon as you try to wiggle the water pump and also pulley. If either of these symptoms space present, it"s really time to change the water pump prior to it pipeline you stranded on the side of the road. This is definitely not a cheap repair when you take it it come a professional; however, you can save a bundle through tackling this task yourself. While it is not a go in the park by any stretch the the imagination, if you have actually a many patience, part room, and a decent device supply, then you can readjust it out yourself.


Materials NeededRadiator drain/flush kitRatchet with miscellaneous sockets and extensionsOpen-end wrenchesPlastic putty knife or scraperReplacement radiator fluid and distilled waterContainer with lid

Step 1 – Disconnect battery and also drain coolant

Disconnect the battery terminals from the battery.

Then, connect a hose to the radiator drainpipe plug and also place the other finish in a bucket. Drainpipe the liquid completely. This is a an excellent time to flush your radiator prior to putting the brand-new water pump on. This will assist ensure the you aren"t contaminating the brand-new pump with old nasty sludge.

Figure 1. Disconnect her battery before beginning this job.
Figure 2. Do the washing up the coolant into a container with lid.

Make certain to wipe up any type of spills because coolant is slick and deadly to animals.

Step 2 – eliminate accessory belt

Use a 15mm socket and also wrench top top the accessory belt tensioner to create enough slack in the belt to traction it off of every the pulleys. Girlfriend will have the ability to pull the belt turn off without navigating over the fan. Friend will have to remove the fan shroud and assembly (Step 3), for this reason it"s as much as you whether or no you execute that before or after this step.

Figure 3. Put a 15mm wrench top top the accessory belt tensioner seed to complimentary the belt from all the pulleys.

Step 3 – eliminate the fan shroud and also fan assembly

Use a Crescent wrench top top the nut of the pan clutch. The threads may be reversed, yet check her manual. You will require to organize the old water pump while you wrench top top the clutch nut. A strap wrench functions well because that this task. Before you pull off the fan, remove the bolts indigenous the shroud and the whole assembly can come off at the exact same time, make this job a tiny easier.

Figure 4. Remove the pan shroud assembly.

Step 4 – eliminate the alternator

Remove the alternator. Use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt that holds the electrical wire in place. Replace the bolts earlier into the clip to save them organized.

Figure 5. Remove the alternator. Change the bolts in the clip to store them straight.

Step 5 – eliminate radiator hoses

Remove both the upper and the reduced radiator hoses. If you did no flush the radiator in the vault steps, you can remove the whole radiator at this suggest to give it a great flushing. This is more than likely a much better way of doing it, but it is no necessary.

Figure 6. Eliminate the upper and the reduced radiator hose. The top hose is presented here.

Step 6 – remove air air conditioning compressor

Remove the four bolts that hold the A/C compressor to the bracket, and also then eliminate the accessory bracket that mounts come the input manifold. This whole assembly demands to come out. Take care when pulling the bolts. This is a pretty hefty piece of devices that is coming off. Don"t let it drop.

Figure 7. Eliminate the A/C compressor and also mounting bracket.

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Step 7 – Remove and replace water pump

Once the A/C compressor and accessory clip come off, you"ll have a clean view of the water pump. Eliminate the return heat on the ideal side the the pump. Remove the 5 bolts from the front-right of the water pump housing and two indigenous the front-left. Make certain that you save the bolts in the correct locations on the new water pump. Once you remove one bolt from the old pump, ar it into the equivalent location ~ above the brand-new pump. As soon as the pump is pulled, clean the old gasket residue off the mounting plates as clean as possible. You require a great seal v the new pump come ensure girlfriend don"t have any type of leaks. Download the brand-new gaskets and the new water pump and also bolt back on follow to manufacturer"s talk specifications.

Figure 8. ~ removing every the bolts, the pump need to pull turn off forward.

Step 8 – Reassembly

As they always say, surroundings is the turning back of the removal. With the water pump secured, it"s time to placed the front end of the car ago together.

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Re-install the A/C compressor.Re-install the radiator and reconnect the hoses.Refit the alternator.Re-install the cooling fans and shrouds.Install brand-new serpentine belt (why not, you already removed the old one).Connect the battery.Finally, to fill the radiator with coolant and also bleed any type of air native the system by letting the van run and also idle through the radiator lid removed.

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