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I heard this hissing sound and also traced it come a nipple top top the passenger next of the intake manifold just below the water tap going come the PCV valve.


According come the vacuum diagram, and ruling out various other lines coming off the intake, I believe it is the one listed as:TO CLIMATE CONTROL, car SPEED CONTROL, 4X4 AXLE(WHEN EQUIPED)This method nothing come me as much as wherein it"s physically claimed to be connected to. I discovered what might be a broken off plastic nipple ~ above the earlier of the thing the cruise regulate throttle cable comes the end of, but I"m no really sure if that"s what it even is. Could anyone tell/show me wherein it should affix to? deserve to I perform it with bulk vacuum water tap or is the a one-of-a-kind one?
If ns cover it with my finger the engine dies. Haven"t tried starting it v it capped, however I"m pretty certain it have to be linked to something.

I understand this is an old thread, however yes, that hooks as much as the climate manage dial and the AC system. On my engine, that goes favor this:Nipple -> 90 level elbow -> 2-way splitter One branch of the splitter is 5/32" vacuum line v the engine compartment come a rubber bung in the firewall and also then come the central nipple ~ above the climate manage dial.The other branch runs up and also around to the AC system. Ns can"t watch the hookup there because of too numerous parts in the way.I recognize that if you room equipped through 4x4, that will likewise split turn off to regulate that.
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