A lengthy time ago, i rode the 2000 Honda shadow Sabre at the Honda press development and promised a an ext extensive ride review. Well, much better late 보다 never. Here’s my ride evaluation of the bicycle (published roughly six months late).

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Cruisers space largely about style. The 2000 Honda zero Sabre promises much more than style. This bike is among the very first machines introduced by Honda as part of your pledge the “industry dominance” — presented just before the announcement of Honda’s “performance first” template for the brand-new millenium.

I have already praised the style of the zero Sabre in my very first article (December 13, 1999). I won’t repeat those comments, except to say the the design is really pleasing to my eye — largely because of its simple elegance. The bike has virtually no unnecessary frills. The architecture is simple and directly forward, emphasizing functional parts of the maker rather than mere decoration. Please review MD’s earlier post for more comments on the design of this machine.


But what about the performance. Honda’s literature claims the Sabre is plan to administer “broad-band performance” providing “the full scope the the motorcycling experience”. Both engine performance and also handling to be addressed in Honda’s architecture of this machine. Has actually Honda delivered?

To answer that question, you very first have to look at the paper definition in i beg your pardon this device comes come market. It is a cruiser (not a sportbike) displacing 1099cc (currently, the greatest v-twin cruiser engine obtainable from Honda). In ~ this context, the bike performs exceptionally well. In fact, Honda’s on purpose to place the Sabre together not only a good-looking custom, yet a real alternative for someone trying to find a standard, do-it-all motorcycle has actually largely to be met.

Weighing simply 573 pounds dried (quite light because that a big-bore, v-twin cruiser), the Sabre handles confidently and smoothly, and speeds up quickly.


With 3 valves per cylinder, two spark plugs per cylinder, rubber mounting and also off-set dual-pin crankshaft, linked with the light weight of the an equipment and a reduced final-drive gear ratio, the Sabre is how amazing smooth and quick. This bicycle likes come rev much more than any kind of other v-twin cruiser I have actually ridden. You’ll it is in hitting the rev-limiter — emotion that the device wants to keep pulling top top top.

Honda claims the Sabre will certainly “walk away” indigenous at the very least some the its competitors larger v-twins. I didn’t check this claim, but I don’t doubt it. I’ve ridden big-bore makers that run out the steam relatively quickly top top top. The Sabre keeps pulling and also pulling — taking you quickly past an suggested 100 miles every hour.

Cornering is a pleasure, together well. Like most Honda assets I have actually sampled, the zero Sabre does exactly what you mean it come do. Low-speed handling is an excellent for a motorcycle the this class, and greater speed cornering is quite good with great ground clearance.

You will feel confident bending this bike through turns. The holds a line incredibly well, and, like numerous cruisers (with their long wheelbases), exhibits fantastic straight-line stability.


The suspension provides a comfortable drive if you avoid potholes, dips and also other obstacles that will certainly bottom the suspension (particularly the behind shock). I weigh in close to 200 pounds, however, and I go not uncover this to it is in a far-ranging problem. Together a cruiser, the suspension take trip is understandably fairly short in the back, and also Honda’s setups are in reality a great compromise.

The ergonomics (again a Honda hallmark) are comfortable. Everything seems come be situated where it have to be. The 27.2 customs seat height allowed my 5’3″ wife, Kim, to ride the Sabre with confidence, regardless of her inseam-challenged human body type.

I was really impressed by the braking system, together well. Cruisers have a well-deserved call for bad brakes, however the Sabre defies this. I have actually been riding every the cutting-edge sports bikes lately, so mine braking expectations are quite high. Because that the cruiser class, the Sabre brakes room truly excellent.


The front brake is solid and quickly modulated, while the rear brake contributes its fair share come the protecting against duties — again, when being conveniently controlled and also modulated. Outstanding.

My schedule these past pair of weeks have prevented me from taking a real lengthy ride on the Sabre (my longest trip was probably 35 mile — about 45 minute in the saddle). Mine comments around the comfort of this cycle are minimal to the experience. The form of the seat and also its general comfort is good. The deep saddle style contributes considerably to the look of this bike, and I was pleased to find out the the seat (at the very least for the rider) was sensible as well. Some seat comfort has actually been sacrificed for the passenger, however, to accomplish that custom look.

The transmission, although periodically emitting a “clunk” (particularly on downshifts) never ever failed to connect the gear I intended, and also did nothing to detract native the top quality of the talk experience. Ns rode the bike fairly aggressively at time (probably, an ext aggressively than many cruiser owner would), and the transmission constantly responded well, as did the handling and also brakes (as discussed above).

Honda has spent a an excellent deal of time and also effort observing the cruiser crowd and their tradition bikes. The Sabre reflects this. From its engine performance to its good looks, the Sabre yes, really presents quite a bargain at one MSRP that $8,199.00. This is particularly true once you take into consideration the tradition look the the bike that comes stock. I received several comments about the bike’s layout while speak it, consisting of the Harley owner in the parking lot who loved the look of the wheels and the truck driver at the stop light who simply commented “Nice spring bike”. Girlfriend should likewise know that Honda has a heat of parts (saddle bags, windshield, etc.) come customize the Sabre after ~ purchase.

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If friend are looking for a cruiser in this price range, you won’t it is in disappointed v the zero Sabre. Much from it, i think you’ll be incredibly pleased v this motorcycle.