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I searched on below for it, someone claimed its in the enigne bay alongside the Brake fuild resovoir. However, top top they state the the 98-02 Fuel Filter is in-tank and also costs a cool 43 bucks.Anyone know?



also, or various other parts locations dont market 2 accord fuel filters, just the expensive intank one
also, or various other parts areas dont offer 2 accord fuel filters, simply the expensive intank one
If you look on, it"s under fuel pipe. I"ll short article up a pic below. It"s #9 in the snapshot and it"s dubbed the canister filter. The costs around $13.
If friend look ~ above, it"s under fuel pipe. I"ll article up a pic below. It"s #9 in the photo and it"s referred to as the canister filter. It costs around $13.
No problem
Glad ns could help you.NJSIRAccord-Yea, the cannister filter is the one we have to replace every 2 year or 30k miles.
no, dont need to adjust the filter. No whereby in the hands-on does that say adjust fuel filter, so ns dont carry out it. However if you really desire to readjust it, you may do so at your whim.

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the picture you post is the charcoal canister filter, i beg your pardon is under the carthe fuel filter is in tank
removing gas tank??? u gotta it is in kidding right? u can access it thru the back or ur chair if u have fold down seats prefer in the coupes...just lift increase the trunk liner
Exactly, one bolt and the sedan chair cushion is out, then 3 philips screws. Doesn"t price me $40 either, and also doesn"t take me an ext than 10 minute - washing my intake filter take away longer.The under-hood canister is no a filter.Sam
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