The 2000 Ford F-150 V-6 engine has eight antithetic contents that space powered by the serpentine cummerbund procedure (seven listed you posses the inventory replica there is no air conditioning). Everyone aspect is turn by the girdle once the engine crankshaft spins. From day to clock, the serpentine zone requirements to it is in replaced due to wear and tear and also eventual breakage. Installation a contemporary band permits you to straight your engine running in top configuration and also grip your F-150 on the means and away of the garage.

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1. For example, top top the 4.2L engine, you should rotate the tensioner counterclockwise to relax the press on the tensioner. Top top the 4.6L engine, the tensioner should be turned clockwise. Organize the tensioner in place and also use your various other hand come leverage the belt end the sheave with the flat-head screwdriver. Release the tensioner carefully so the it progressively moves ago into its initial position. Touch come the chart to develop the automatically tensioner pulley. Verify the routing roadway of the region over the materials of the engine, as it have the right to be contempt differential depending upon which F-150 mould girlfriend get.

2. Route the sash on all sides the the assorted parts, birth with the crankshaft pulley. Postdate the direction on the routing diagram chart. Develop positive that the notches top top the serpentine belt straighten v the notches on the pulleys that have actually them. Part pulleys don"t have actually notches and turn naturally when tension is used to the belt via the automatic belt tensioner. Be prepared to work-related under the F-150 and from above the engine to course each pulley. Use a tiny piece of masking ice to organize each pulley-block in place once installed. Do the tensioner pulley-block last.

3. Connect the 1/2-inch socket to the finish of the breaker bar ratchet. Connect the socket to the bolt protruding native the automatic belt tensioner. Turn it in the direction suggested on the routing diagram. Lawns your automobile in a Apartment lodgings spot and also allot the parking brake. Cleared the hood of her Ford F-150 and also establish the serpentine girdle routing chart, either on the underside that the hood or on the radiator shroud subsume. Disconnect the leads to the battery v the adjustable wrench and allot them to the side.

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4. Eliminate the masking tape pieces from the pulleys and reconnect the leads to the battery. Begin the engine and also let it run for number of minutes to enable the automatically belt tensioner a opportunity to adjust itself. Listen for sounds, such together slipping or flopping noises, i m sorry may indicate that the belt has actually been improperly installed and also needs to it is in adjusted.