If your Silverado"s engine is stalling and also displaying the symptoms below, the fuel pressure regulator might have unable to do bad. Therefore if your truck"s regulator is in need of a replacement, follow these actions to learn how to execute it yourself.

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This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

The fuel press regulator in her Silverdo"s engine regulates the quantity of fuel start the fuel injectors. There"s a very details air/fuel proportion that allows the engine to operation properly. Too much fuel causes the engine to operation rich, and too small fuel reasons the engine to operation lean. Symptom of a faulty fuel press regulator include engine misfires, stalling at idle, spark plugs electrodes turning black, and gas dripping out the exhaust or in the regulator vacuum line. Change the regulator as quickly as that fails due to the fact that gasoline may get into the oil system, resulting in bigger and more costly damages. Proceed reading for the considerable DIY instructions.


Step 1 – Disconnect the vacuum line

Allow the truck"s engine to fully cool down before working under the hood.The fuel press regulator is located on the driver"s side of the engine. Disconnect the vacuum heat on peak of the regulator by steady pulling the up and off.
figure 1. Pull on vacuum line situated on height of the fuel press regulator.
Pro Tip

Fuel leaking out of the vacuum line is one indicator the the fuel pressure regulator is no functioning.

Step 2 – eliminate retaining clamp

Slightly pry out the regulator clamp v a flat head screwdriver.Use your hand to traction up top top the clamp and remove that from the regulator.
Figure 2. Pry the end the regulator clamp.

Step 3 – remove the fuel press regulator

Place shop rags under the regulator together a tiny bit of fuel will spill out.To remove the regulator, firmly host onto that from both sides and also pull it back. It have to pop best out.
Figure 3. Fuel pressure regulator removed.Use needle sleep pliers to eliminate the O-ring seated within of the regulator port.Then usage the pliers to eliminate the metal regulator screen.
Figure 4. Remove the metal regulator screen.
Figure 5. Fuel pressure regulator, steel screen, and also O-rings removed.

Step 4 – download the new fuel push regulator

The brand-new regulator have to come with brand-new O-rings and a brand-new metal screen.

Figure 6. Brand-new fuel push regulator.Push the brand-new regulator into place, and make sure the vacuum line port is dealing with up.Re-install the regulator clamp.Then reattach the vacuum line to the port on the regulator.

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Figure 7. Brand-new fuel pressure regulator installed.