Said before the begin of each residence football game:

Two Bits,Four Bits,Six Bits,a Dollar;All because that the Gators, stand up and holler!(Three huge arm circles v your appropriate arm ending by getting to your arm straight up in the air to end.)

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Composed by Milton L. Yeats, the alma mater is performed at commencements and also after home football wins v the whole, coaching staff, fans and also the band.

Florida, our Alma Mater,thy glorious name we praise.All thy faithful sons and daughters,a joyous song shall raise.Where palm and pine room blowing,where southern seas room flowing,Shine forth thy noble gothic walls,thy lovely vine clad halls.Neath the orange and also blue victorious, (throw appropriate arm in the air)our love shall never ever fail.There’s no various other name so glorious, (throw best arm in the air)all hail, Florida, hail!

WE are THE boys

One of the longest running and also most lovely Gator heritages happens after the 3rd quarter the every home game. Gator Fans was standing up, throw their arms roughly their neighbors’ shoulders and sing “We room the Boys” when swaying left to right.

We are the guys from old FloridaF-L-O-R-I-D-AWhere the girls are the fairest,The boys are the squarestOf any type of old state down our way (shout “hey”)We room all strong for old FloridaDown where the old Gators beat (shout “Go Gators” and throw right arm in the air)In every kinds the weatherWe’ll every stick together(hold guide for 3 count)for F-L-O-R-I-D-A


So provide a cheer because that the Orange and also BlueWaving Forever!Forever proud of Old Florida,May she droop never.We’ll song a song for the flag today,Cheer because that the in ~ play!On to the goal,We’ll struggle our method forFlor-i-da!

ORANGE and also BLUE

With the stadium separation in half, the east side that the stadium, which consists of the student section, chant ORANGE with a return of BLUE coming from the west side of the stadium. Most typically used throughout UF football and basketball games.

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The Gator Chomp is quickly the many recognizable heritage for Florida, and also one the the many recognizable in every one of college sports. If the chomp is traditionally offered when the tape plays the Jaws template song prior to every kickoff, the is likewise used after big plays, after a success or just due to the fact that you feel choose chomping. That is often used to taunt the opposite fans and is constantly executed ideal arm end left.