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I have been called by a shop that my punch sensor demands replacing. A O2 sensor is also bad. Service light is ~ above on dashMajor question, castle told me the if my knock sensor goes out that the vehical will avoid running and not start. True or False
Lots that money to fix.
no, but it is something girlfriend will desire to address, get a 2nd opinion.. The hit sensor is in the valley of the engine, to change it you need to take off the intake manifold etc, thats why that is $$$ to replace.
Knock Sensor
We have actually a 1998 pathfinder SE and also I"ve checked out the hit sensor (P0325) come up fairly a bit. By chin it won"t ever before light your examine Engine light. I just clear the code and also drive on. It is difficult/costly to change out. If you change it the end you might want come consider changing your valve sheathe gasket too (if that needs to be gotten rid of or many items on peak of it).I witnessed a video on friend tube where someone reduced the wire and relocated the sensor to the top of the engine. I"m not sure how reliable that is yet I guess the is definitely an inexpensive approach to resolving the problem.-dan
Replaced punch sensor
I replaced the knock sensor on mine "99 Pathy around a month ago. It together with a poor EGR solenoid caused the CEL come come on, and it wouldn"t happen emissions. $750.00 later, it has actually a brand-new knock sensor, and also an EGR solenoid. The will now pass emissions. If friend don"t require to adjust it, then leaving it. It won"t affect performance or fuel mileage. I had actually to do it to renew my tag, as emissions is a need in metro Atlanta, GA.
A poor oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) can also trigger the punch sensor code. I would watch if instead of the faulty O2 sensor is the cause. If the engine is not obtaining the proper fuel come air mix- which O2 sensors requlate- they can be culprit. Over there are four O2 sensors in these vehicles and most any type of auto-parts store will confirm and also tell girlfriend which O2 sensor(s) space involved.

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Agree through above^^^if the is a front oxygen sensor. The faulty oxygen sensor most likely triggered the punch sensor code. Correct the O2 sensor problem, erase the codes, and then watch if the hit sensor code will reset. A bad knock sensor will certainly not cause the engine to not start; it is used by the ECM to feeling engine knock so the ECM have the right to in rotate retard the ignition timing to help prevent or alleviate engine damage. If the knock sensor is without doubt bad, plenty of use the relocation an approach rather than pull the entry manifold. They usage a punch sensor and subharness because that a 95 Maxima and also splice it into the wires for the punch sensor within the EGI harness over the best side financial institution of the engine. They mount the hit sensor on the entry manifold. It"s probably not as good as a ar as being straight on height of the engine block, but it works. There space vids on YouTube.I should also mention over there is a TSB on bad grounding at the EGI grounds top top the input plenum causing O2 sensor codes on 96-00 Pathfinders. I think this is just for the rear sensors, though. Behind O2 sensors have actually no influence on engine performance and are supplied only to monitor the catalytic converter, so if the password is because that the behind O2 sensor, that is likely not the reason of the knock sensor code. The deal with for the grounding problem is installing a supplemental exploit from the EGI grounds come the side of the right bank cylinder head.
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