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Hi,I have actually a 2001 CRV with 80k on it. I have actually done all the business maintenance on the myself with exception of the valve change and timing belt. I"m hearing that the V. Adjustment need to be done earlier, so now I"m warm to tear into it and make certain the exhaust valve are ok. Ns am an ex Oldmobile tech, fairly savy, but not acquainted with adjusting valves. Any kind of tips on necessary parts, adjusting procedure and tools would be appreciated. Need to I have actually a hand-operated handy?I was hoping someone may have produced some type of documentation the their personal experience (video) for someone prefer myself.Thanks,Dean
the Crank sheave bolt (Top dead center)19mm 1/2" journey socket ~6" 1/2" drive extention1/2" breaker bar5/8 spark plug socket, extention, ratchet. Eliminate plugs so it is less complicated to rotate over cylinders and you won"t ease the crank wheel bolt.For Plenum and also Head covering 10 and 12mm socketsTorque wrench with selection from 7-20 ft lbs. Specs in manual.14 mm socket or wrench for bracket on back right of head, gets in the means of head cover r&r.For valve adjustment12mm box wrench and also regular driver (loosen exhaust valve lock nuts through 12mm socket and also ratchet) then use wrench and screwdriver to adjust.Feeler gages .11mm for intakes (I walk a go/nogo ~ above the intakes and did not adjust them) .2mm / .008in. Because that exhausts side. Specs additionally on underside the hood.Here is mine procedure for acquiring the right setting. (I found that my exhaust valves to be at aprox. .006in. The tight end of the spec)Tighten the adjuster v the feeler gage in place until it will just stick there is no sliding, then pretighten with box wrench making certain that the feeler gage will slide out with significant tention. Then tighten the lock nut down with the 12mm socket and torque wrench. The feeler gage need to now on slide in and out with simply the right amount of tension. (the assembly will certainly loosen slightly when torqued).Clean all gasket services. Usage the liquid gasket maker as directed in the manual. Download cover through tightening sequence and also torque to spec.Don"t forget any type of hoses, plug wires, brackets.Let the gasket machine set increase for fifty percent hour or so prior to oil call (depends on product used).I disconnected the Distributer cable connector and also cranked the engine end to to wash the valve assem. V oil prior to starting.Easy.

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Damn thing runs much better and i swear that the little off idle apprehension it constantly had is now gone.Someone can say: it only cost roughly $120 for a valve adjustment in ~ a no dealer. Yet I say that by act it yourself you recognize what her getting.