After checking fuel pump and replacing fuel pump relay ns finaly gained the car started but as quickly as I shot to offer it some gas the auto wants come stall out and also butterflying the keeps it running but shot to give it complete gas that sputters and also tries to dice again. Any assist is greatly appreciated together the wife and kids are getting sick of walking. Tyvm

have the right to you perform a push test? examine for dirty MAF sensor and additionally check TPS. Right here is the fuel pump relay location. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything else to obtain the difficulty fixed.


after messing roughly for a month finaly gained my buick running. Had to take to mechanic and also it no cheap. Currently 1 week later on it die again figured fuel pump as couldnt hear it power up so replaced it and also still nothing. What could reason a loss of strength to fuel pump together I have actually a new fuel pump relay for this reason I deserve to count that out but not certain what rather it can be. Any help is greatly appreciated as right now I dont have actually money to take to mechanic yet have enuff because that parts. Many thanks a million in breakthrough for the assist the relay I replaced was under the hood in the relay facility is there by chance a relay facility that i am lacking as some say there are some behind the glovebox. Is this so on my 99 lesabre?
fixed the problem. It was a fuse behind the glovebox the was supposed to be 10 amp yet had a 7.5 amp instead. Replaced and also car fired right up.
Not sure who placed wrong fuse in. However after control the vehicle a few miles v no problems all of a suddenly it go out the fuse again and as shortly as ns turn vital on ~ putting another fuse in it blows right away. The fuse ns am blowing is for the ecm and maf sensor. This has actually me perplexed I know there is a short but not sure where to start looking to solve the problem. Any assist will be substantially appreciated together I require the auto for work
Disconnect every 3 loads and see if the fuse holds. If that does, then plug one in at a time and the fuse will blow as soon as you plugin the failure part.If the fuse quiet blows with the tons disconnected, climate you have actually a wiring issue.Roy
I discovered relays compartments under hood but noting display what these relays goes to just how would ns tell.
Hello, right here is the location of the fuel pump relay (below) with a guide to help test it. the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you need anything else to acquire the trouble fixed.
Fuel pump stop working, I"ve sprayed starter fluid and it started appropriate up but soon burned off when ran out. Desire to examine these prior to I purchase a fuel pump.
over there is no cut off switch. The relay is under the hood in the relay center. I would look harder in ~ the pump. Usual failure.Roy
Engine performance problem1997 Buick Lesabre 6 cyl Automatic i am make the efforts to find out wherein to find the fuel relay pump because that my 1997 Buick lasabre
Hello, it should be situated in the underhood electric center. Your owner manual, if you have one, should offer the the location of fuses and also relays.
Gas pump was replace but auto still reduced off. It will certainly run an excellent for 1 week might be 2 weeks. Then cut off favor it was the end of gas. The next day its good to agan. I was told the it was the gas pump relay i dont were it is.
Hello, there is more than likely a strength distribution facility under the hood, the relay may be there. I"d inspect the relay circuits once the trouble occurs.One of my databases confirmed a fuel pump driver module, the other didn"t show that? ns don"t know why there would be a module uneven it to be a two speed pump? I"m just thinking out loud.
mine fuel pump runs all the time, simply started a pair of job ago. Currently tonight the ran the battery down. Can it be the relay or filter? that is a buick lesabre 97
the is an odd problem when crucial is off power is cut to pump fuse. Try removing pump fuse in instrument dashboard number 6 fuel pump. Let me recognize if is shuts turn off will have actually to find out exactly how it is obtaining power. Any recent repairs?
Engine mechanical problem1996 Buick Lesabre 6 cyl prior Wheel drive Automatic just replace fuel pump and also oil pressure swith and fuel pump relay. Fuse to be good. Currently I quiet don"t hear the fuel pump to run is there anything else I deserve to check.
You need to do part checks with a check light.Is power gaining to the relayis the ECM ground connection the relay as soon as you turn on the vital for a few seconds
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Do I have to Drop The Gas Tank To gain To The Fuel Pump, had The ago Seat Out and Dint uncover It Under There?
How To change The Fuel Pump top top A 1990 Buick Lesabre. Also, There are Two Pumps because that This Car.1.45" Diameter and also 2".