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I to be thinking around looking in ~ a 1996 GMC 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 through a 6.5l diesel and an automatic. It is not a duelly. The truck"s engine has actually 168,000 miles and the tranny to be rebuilt about 2,000 miles ago. What I want to recognize is how much will certainly it have the ability to tow? I desire to traction a 31" Airstream the weight about 7,000lbs empty and also I would more than likely put about1000 - 1500lbs right into it. Would certainly I it is in okay v this?Thanks, Rod
I believe that that truck is rated because that 9200lbs however thats a subjective number relying on how that loaded. Upgrades to the cooling and exhaust as well as a pyro gauge would be a great idea when towing that lot weight with a 6.5im sure other will chime in with more info as well
1994 Chevy 2500 HD "F" 6.5 turbo , Auto, 4X4
Piece that cake. If her going to do any kind of hills or hot weather an upgrade to the 97 cooling is recommended. Obtain a new PMD and a remote mountain cooler and also harness. Great tires and also away girlfriend go. I pull a 33" Marathon 4 season weighs in at just a hair under 11k. My truck handles it beautifully. Of food the twin wheels regulate it much far better than srw, but no biggy. Heck, every the new fifty percent ton trucks space "rated" to tow over 10k now. Ford even picked a number 500 lbs much more than Chevy so they can make that gay commercial speak you require two Chevys come tow as lot as one Ford. I hate that commercial. Great, now I"m pi55ed turn off again........
Black 97 Chevy K3500 ex-cab dually. 162k miles on initial 6.5, 4L80E, 4:10s, locker. Mods: financial institutions gauges, 3.5 straight pipe, heather Turbomaster, remote PMD cooler, #9 resistor, B&M electronic shift kit, T-bars cranked, 255/85 Interco TrXus MTs, 1.5 spacers, 3 inch body lift.Extras: Blizzard 810 Powerplow, Snow-Ex 1875 tailgate sander, 33" 11k Marathon travel trailer, XM Satellite radio, Valet remote starter, loaded Whelen 12 head Edge.Planned: airbags, global intercooler, homemade cold wait intake and Heath HP-4.Proud Member #491 that The 3500 Dually Club

pull a fast one..As i was perusing the owners hand-operated of the 2000 GMC K3500 Crew Cab just bought, i was surprised to uncover that the recommended towing weight was only 7500 lbs for my truck. The didn"t point out DRW or SRW for the specification listed.Here is a snapshot of the hands-on pages. Ns am sure if this violates some copywrite provision, a moderator will act accordingly.Here is the one for K (4 wheel drive, C = 2 wheel drive) 3500 (1 ton) Crew cab

I also included the regular cab specs too.

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This is 2000 year publication from GMC, what carry out they know anyway..
2000 GMC Sierra 3500 Limo (crew cab) 4X4....131K mile DRW stock 6.5, automatic tranny. Some goodies..a cool remote mounted ECU and um...IM 3500 DUALLY club #514!!
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