The price of silver determines 1943 fifty percent dollar value, currently all old silver- Walking Liberty half dollars space worth a minimum the $8.61 each.

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Two things are of importance to collectors of this Walking Liberty halves and they identify the value of her 1943 fifty percent dollar. Top on the list is condition. Numerous halves that the 1940"s are accessible to choose from once a collector is searching for a details coin. Finding one in choice mint problem from the plenty of is the challenge as many are heavily worn.

Your old silver half dollar if in the problem pictured come the right is of special interest come collectors and dealers. In "brand new" condition, a coin v no wear to its surfaces is scarce and also worth a premium.

Second and worth noting, is the Denver mint 1943 half, in "extremely fine" condition it is start to show collector interest. It is now frequently valued contempt ahead of the Philadelphia and also San Francisco minted halves. Information around mint marks and also their place is found under the value chart.

1943 half dollars were produced in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

The various mints are figured out by mint marks, "D" because that the Denver mint and also "S" offered by the san Francisco mint. Denver mint coins have proven the elusive ones to find, and also a pretty treasure if yours is the "D" mintmark. Those without a mintmark wherein struck at Philadelphia. Study the reverse along the rim in prior of the eagle, if the mark is present it"s tiny and occupying the space just under the branch.

Opinion and also 1943 fifty percent Dollar Value

Walking Liberty half dollars were produced in the millions of pieces in 1943. With a huge number easily accessible the sector for the coin is solid for both its silver value and its possible greater collector value. The separation of the two is the problem of the coin.

View your coin through a crucial eye, does that have any kind of nagging problem, big bumps, bruises or pickled in salt nicks. Is it solid because that the grade, one without these drawbacks? If therefore it has the potential as a collectible. As an instance of worth potential, sometimes a truly amazing coin is offered at auction.

One that the finest know, best preserved 1943 halves to be bid come $793 in ~ a David Lawrence rarely coin auction. In the same condition as the job minted, and also well cared for since, a truly rare half dollar in such condition. Every one of your old coins as soon as judged for their problem can it is in separated typical to rare.

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Condition determines 1943 fifty percent Dollar Value

Collectors effort to include nicer problem halves to your collection and also generally under of this old silver half dollars make it through in far better condition. Come accurately location a value, each room judged and a "grade" is resolved. Dealers and also collectors both usage the terms found below. Compare her coin come the images and also descriptions, finding the grade and 1943 fifty percent dollar value.