an ext Information type of Area Certifications Dimmable size size width height Manufacturer Product warranty component Number an innovation Voltage load Each
Gym & Sports, Hangers & Storage, Parking Garage
UL Listed
4.15" x 3.50" x 3.75"
5 Year
Step under Transformers
Multivolt 120V-277V
8.60 lbs

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The 120:277V series Step-Up autotransformers room designed specifically for bright applications, frequently used in conjunction through 277V LED Drivers, T-5 or T-8 digital Fluorescent Ballasts, digital HID and also Plasma/Induction Ballasts in Industrial and also Commercial applications.

Features• intake Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz• calculation Voltage: 277V, 60 Hz• Insulation Rating: 130ºC class B• Non-isolated Autotransformer• 5 Year warranty - sector Leading

Part NumberLossesInput CurrentMax LoadInput CurrentNo LoadWeight(lbs)
120:277-275VA18W0.95 A0.280 A7.0
120/268:277-500VA25W1.77 / 1.71 A0.220 A8.6

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