You may have heard her teacher say, "Essays room to be 1,000 native or more." however how countless pages is 1,000 words? We"re right here to break it under for you, together there space several components involved, such as spacing, font size, and font type! Let"s dive right into this video game of words and also numbers.

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The characters of Stix are comparable to Times brand-new Roman. However, a sans serif font such as Courier, with an extremely wide letters and also spacing, could change your page - acquisition at the very least four-and-a-half pages because that 1,000 words.


The Margins

Once you"ve collection your font come the required font and also size - most typically Times new Roman and also font size to 12 - take a fast look at her margins.

Again, going with the typical requirements, you"re walking to want to set your margins in ~ 1 customs all around.

Many that the most commonly used style guides, consisting of MLA and also APA, follow the 1-inch rule.

If you"re reasoning you have the right to pull a rapid one on your teacher and extend the margins, think twice! your teacher is going to look at your margins first. Anyway, when you carry out things right, 1-inch margins make for a clear and uniform perfect product.

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Bonus Numbers

While we"re in ~ it, let"s take a watch at few of the other typical essay word counts and also see how plenty of pages they failure to:

Word Count

Single-Spaced Pages

Double-Spaced Pages

500 words

1 page

2 pages

1,500 words

3 pages

6 pages

2,000 words

4 pages

8 pages

2,500 words

5 pages

10 pages

3,000 words

6 pages

12 pages

4,000 words

8 pages

16 pages

5,000 words

10 pages

20 pages

Whew, 20 pages, huh? That"s fairly the thesis! The best means to think of it is 250 words amounts to one double-spaced web page (or fifty percent of a single-spaced page). The doesn"t sound for this reason bad.

Writing the Essay

Now you"re prepared to obtain writing, begin by clicking on Format/Paragraph/Line Spacing dual in Microsoft Word. Choose your font and also size (most most likely Times new Roman and also 12 point). Ensure that your margins all about are collection to 1 inch. Get yourself a drink and a snack, and give those finger a workout!

We"re firm believers in a nice, clean desk space, a silenced phone, and also all social media feeds closed. Writing habits are comparable to healthy and balanced study habits. Be certain to review 10 best Ways come Study when you"re prepared to punch your next project or test the end of the park, too!